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Crucifix Fated for Baby Dionysus

The Dying-and-Rising Gods: A Glossary

Christianity is Older Than We Think

A Summary of Recent Biblical Scholarship on the Christ Myth Theory and the Jewish Conception of Jesus
*Ba'al Hadad
*Sol Invictus
*Honi the Circle Drawer

Megiddo Artifact

Enki and Ninmah

The Lost History of Christianity

People of the Book
The Origin of Heresy
Formation of the Canon
The Thirteenth Apostle
Rome Didn't Fall in a Day

A New Quest for the Historical Jesus

The Thirteen Disciples
The Anti-Gospel of Yeshu the Magician
The Nameless King
The Dionysian Mysteries
Eurasian Myths of the Crucified Son
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The Lost History Behind the Bible

Religion Before Adam
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Family Tree of Religion
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Apocrypha: The Sumerians and Akkadians

This is my treatise on the mythology of two of the oldest known cultures, both of whom lived on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq. It describes how their writings would later influence the Babylonians and in turn most of the Middle East and Western Civilization.

Chapter 1: The Cradle of Civilization
Chapter 2: The Seperation of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3: Man and the Primeval Sea
Chapter 4: Son Rise
Chapter 5: The Seven Heavens and A Wizard's Duel
Chapter 6: Zeus Steals the Tablets of Destiny
Chapter 7: Gilgamesh Kills the Snake and Cuts Down the Tree of Knowledge
Chapter 8: The Cup Bearer Who Became King
Chapter 9: Empire of the Moon
Composition of Sumerian King Lists

The Lost History Blog contains a lot of random entries mostly about politics.

* The Jesus of a Previous Century

* The King Solomon of a Later Century

The Table of Gospels describes how each gospel portrays Jesus and describes their place and time of origin.

The Gospels Database is a point-by-point comparison of the four Gospels written on Works Database. Arrows are used to point to corresponding sections in other gospels.
My Review of "Did Jesus Exist?" is an extensive response to Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman's poorly-researched attacks on mythicism.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The True Meaning of Christmas is a short history of Christmas from the Babylonian New Years Festival to the Roman Saturnalia to the German Sinterklaas.
Glenn Beck Interviews Jesus is a parody I created on YouTube of how the gospel Jesus would respond to the Glenn Beck's ideology.
The Epic of Gilgamesh is the beginning to a historic fiction based on the earliest heroic figure known on the planet. Set over 6,000 years ago in the crade of civilization, the warlord of Uruk city in Southern Iraq comes into conflict with a beast-man named Enkidu. I worked on this story for a fiction workshop I took during my graduate studies. I plan to finish it one day, but not before a fictional account about Yeshu.
The "Bible or Koran" Quiz mixes verses from the Bible and Qu'ran together. Can you tell the difference?
Language and the Bible is an essay I wrote looking into the etymology of words found in Sumerian cuneiform texts and Hebrew scripture.
The Politics of Dante's De Moncarhia is an old essay I wrote about the politics of the thirteenth century White Guelph who provided a theological argument for his support of the Holy Roman Empire over that of the Roman Catholic Church.

Milton and the Trinity: Good, Evil and Free Will is an essay I wrote on the theological problems Milton has in combining monotheism with dualism.
The Spiritual World of William Blake is an essay I wrote about the psychological symbols used in Blake's mythos and its ties to Gnosticism and the Book of Enoch.

Authors of the Bible is a website comparing what tradition says about who wrote what books in the Bible to the theories that modern scholars now have on how certain texts were combined.

Bible Questions is a long list of theological questions and references to the Bible that provide contradictory answers. It's written to support the view that the Bible was compiled from texts of authors with a very wide array of religious beliefs.

List of Egyptian Kings and Viziers shows a small table and some research information on the famed 18th and 19th dynasties of the Egyptian New Kingdom, including the "heretic" pharaoh Akhenaten.

Religion Links provides a myriad of facts and opinions regarding the ancient world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, including commentary from historic figures and modern archaelogical finds from the Holy Land.

Science and Archaeology News is an archive of news articles related to history, religion and mythology dating from 2001 to 2011.