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12/29/11: Cracked: The 6 Weirdest Places People Actually Live In
12/28/11: Basque Archaeologists Found 25,000-Year-Old Pendant
12/28/11: LiveSicence Interview With an Assyriologist About Dead Languages
12/26/11: Jewish Temple Seals 'For the Pure' in Aramaic Found in Jerusalem
12/24/11: 'Noah's Ark' Structure on Mt. Ararat Has Bowls From Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Periods
12/23/11: Evolution of Angels: From Disembodied Minds to Winged Guardians
12/22/11: Rare Cuneiform Script Dedicated to Moon God Found on Malta
12/22/11: Apocryphal Vatican Text Says The Wise Men Were From Mythical Chinese Land
12/22/11: It's Official: Stonehenge Stones Were Moved 160 Miles
12/21/11: 9,500-Year-Old Obsidian Bracelet From Turkey Reveals Amazing Craftsmen's Skills
12/21/11: Deciphered Text From Antioch Reveals Greengrocer Calling Yahweh for Curse
12/21/11: Metal Codices With Jesus' Face Shown to Be Modern Forgeries (Earlier Daily Mail Article) 12/20/11: Review of Hadrian and the Christians
12/20/11: National Geographic's Top Ten Discoveries of 2011
12/19/11: Syria: A Melting Pot at the Intersection of Empires for Five Centuries
12/18/11: Neandertals Built Homes out of Mammoth Bones
12/17/11: Chinese Archaeologists Find First Imperial Palace From 3,700 Years Ago
12/16/11: Babylonian King Who Conquerered Judah Said Different Cultures Built His 'Tower of Babel'

12/16/11: Mysterious Viking-Era Graves Found With Treasure

12/13/11: CT Scans Show Neandertal Brains Were Smaller
12/13/11: CERN Scientists Say They are Close to Finding the God Particle
12/12/11: Disappearance of Elephant in Middle East Linked to Decline of Homo Erectus
12/10/11: 6,000-Year-Old Earth Mother Figurine Found in France

12/10/11: The Four Verses From Genesis That Defined Evil as Demonic Throughout History
12/09/11: Missing Pieces Could Change 35,000-Year-Old "Lion Man" Figurine to "Lion Woman"
12/09/11: Stone Tools Link Africans and Arabians 106,000 Years Ago
12/09/11: Great Pyramid May Yield Its Secrets in 2012
12/08/11: 77,000-Year-Old Beds in Africa Were Mosquito Resitant
12/08/11: Evidence of Dead Sea Disappearance 120,000 Years Ago Comes as Sea Dries Up Again
12/07/11: 2,800-Year-Old V-Shaped Drawings in Jerusalem Baffle Archaeologists
12/05/11: DNA Shows Massive Population Drop Found for Native Americans
12/04/11: Scientists Believe 50,000 Mammoth Tusk Can Be Cloned
12/01/11: Statue of Amenhotep III Found in Luxor
11/30/11: 'Stone Breadcrumbs' Show Humans Left Africa Across Red Sea, Not Egypt
11/28/11: Reconstruction of Australopithecus Vocal Tract Shows Limited Vocabulary
11/28/11: Archaeologists Find Stonehenge Pits Marking Sun
11/24/11: 42,000-Year-Old Deep Sea Hunters in East Timor Collected Shark and Tuna Bones
11/23/11: Excavations Reveal King Herod Didn't Complete Construction of Jerusalem's Western Wall
11/23/11: "Great Dying" Lasted 200,000 Years
11/21/11: Bleached Linens Provide More Evidence That Dead Sea Scrolls Belonged to Essenes
11/21/11: 150,000-200,000-Year-Old Skull Injury 'Earliest' Evidence of Human Violence
11/20/11: Harappa Bones in India Show Violence on Women, Children and Diseased
11/18/11: Breeding Caused By Climate Change May Have Doomed Neandertal
11/17/11: Israelis Map 3,000-Year-Old Necropolis at Mount of Olives
11/17/11: Earliest Sample of Minoan Hieroglyphics Found in Western Crete
11/16/11: Volcanic Ash Helped Keep Roman Cement Buildings Standing
11/15/11: Copper Mining Company Unearths 2,600-Year-Old Buddhist Monastery in Afghanistan

11/14/11: Israeli Experts Decode Only Arabic Crusader Inscription Ever Found
11/14/11: Computer Sorts Ancient Jewish Text Fragments on Prayers and Marriage Vows
11/11/11: "Lost" Fortresses of Sahara Revealed by Satellites
11/05/11: Columbus' Arrival Linked to Little Ice Age
11/04/11: Scientists Confirm First Humans Left Africa Through Arabia, not Egypt
11/04/11: Tree Ring Study Indicates Unknown Megadrought in Second Century Rome
11/03/11: Archaeologists Propose Different Theories For 5,000-Year-Old 'Holy Land Stonehenge'
11/02/11: Viking 'Magic Sunstone' Really Can Find the Sun on a Cloudy Day
11/02/11: 37,000-Year-Old Jawbone in Northwest Europe's Earliest Discovered Modern Human
11/01/11: DNA Hints That Asians, Too, Mated With Archaic Humans
10/30/11: Ancient Middle Eastern Stone Structures Revealed by Google Earth

10/30/11: Tiny 1,400-Year-Old Christian Prayer Box Found in Jerusalem
10/28/11: Solving the Mystery of a Megalithic Monument in the Land of Giants

10/28/11: Neandertal's Short Legs May Have Helped Traverse Rugged Terrain
10/27/11: Treasure Hunter Digs Up 200-Piece Haul of Viking Jewelry and Coins

10/27/11: Lost Roman Camp That Protected Against Germanic Hordes Found
10/27/11: Researchers in Leipzig Compiling Digital Archive of Humans and Neandertals
10/26/11: Joint Palestinian-American Dig Near Jericho Points to Early Islamic Tolerance to Imagery
10/25/11: Codebreaker Kevin Knight Cracks Cipher Revealing Secret German Society
10/21/11: Cracked: 6 Absurd Pirate Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)
10/20/11: Cracked: 5 Real Princesses Too Badass for Disney Movies
10/19/11: Canadian Professor Argues That Rubbish Piles Prove Ancient Gobekli Temple in Turkey Was a House

10/19/11: Cracked: 5 Rulers Whose Idiot Siblings Nearly Screwed the World
10/18/11: Cracked: The 6 Most Mind-Blowing Things Ever Discovered in Space
10/17/11: 300,000-Year-Old Blade Manufacturing Production Line Found in Israel
10/17/11: Cracked: 6 Inspiring Tales of Friendship in the Middle of Brutal Wars
10/14/11: Possibly Lost Da Vinci Portrait From Family History Book Stirs Controversy
10/13/11: 100,000-Year-Old Ochre Toolkit and Workshop Discovered in South Africa
10/13/11: Dental Analysis Shows 'Nutcracker Man' Ate More Grass Than Nuts
10/12/11: 2,000-Year-Old Ritual Bath Unearthed in Israel
10/12/11: 5,000-Year-Old Stone Circle Discovered Off the Coast of Orkney
10/11/11: Israel Museum Launches Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

10/11/11: Eilat Mazar Spars With Israel Antiquities Authority Over 'Jeremiah's Pit Project'
10/11/11: New Evidence Suggests King Tut Didn't Have a Club Foot
10/11/11: Tel Aviv University Research Says New Algorithm Can Distinguishes Contributors to Hebrew Bible
10/11/11: Early Celtic "Stonehenge" Discovered in Black Forest, Germany
10/11/11: The 5 Most Badass Teams of Famous People To Ever Join Forces
10/10/11: 50,000 B.C.: Our Ancestors Like Yoda Spoke
10/06/11: Grave Links 'Blue Stonehenge' to Death Rituals
10/05/11: Ancient Egyptian Coffin Found to Be 1,000 Years Older Than Mummy
10/04/11: Some Ancient Cities Were So Trash-Filled, Street Levels Rose and Homes Were Submerged
10/03/11: Cave With Christian, Pagan, and Sexual Symbols Carved on the Walls May Have Been a Templar Hiding Place

10/03/11: Climate-Influenced Migration Patterns May Explain Eurasia's Superior Agricultural Innovation

10/03/11: First Paleolithic Stone Weapons Found in Sri Lanka
09/30/11: World's Earliest Christian Engraving Shows Pagan Symbolism and Valentinian Bridal Chamber Imagery

09/29/11: Research on Dordogne Cave Art Shows Children Learned to Finger-Paint 13,000 Years Ago
09/26/11: 800-Year-Old 'Witches Graveyard' Found in Italy
09/22/11: DNA Study Suggests Asia Was Settled in Multiple Waves of Migration Over 40,000 Years Ago
09/21/11: 2,500-Year-Old Temple to Aphrodite May End Up Buried Beneath New Construction
09/21/11: Antonine Wall Fills Gaps in Story of Roman Occupation of Britain
09/21/11: First Preserved Flesh of 2-Million-Year-Old Boy Possibly Found
09/20/11: Israel Tour Guide Criticizes Minimalist School and Israel Finkelstein
09/20/11: Google Earth Reveals Nazca-Like Structures in Arabia
09/20/11: Mother With Two Uteruses Has Twins — One Baby From Each
09/20/11: Sada Mire Fled Somalia's Civil War as a Child and Returned to Make Incredible Discoveries
09/19/11: Dig in Sweden Reveals 8,000-Year-Old Human Skulls Mounted on Stakes
09/19/11: Cracked: 6 Famous Firsts You Learned in History Class (Are Total BS)
09/16/11: Evidence Suggests Ancient and Modern Humans Interbred in Africa
09/16/11: Gamers Crack Code That Could Lead to New AIDS Treatments
09/14/11: 'Blue Stonehenge' May Have Been Oval, Not Round
09/13/11: Mesopotamian City of Mari in Danger of Erosion
09/12/11: Cracked: 7 Famous 'Unsolved' Mysteries (Science Solved Years Ago)
09/08/11: Two Million-Year-Old Bones With Both Ape and Human Traits
09/06/11: Art Project Searches for Lost Da Vinci Painting Behind Wall of 14th Century City Hall
08/31/11: Cracked: 5 Embarrassing Failures History Class Turned Into Victories
08/31/11: Trap Doors in Israel Lead to 2,000-Year-Old Labyrinth Used in Roman Rebellion

08/31/11: Early Humans Made Stone Handaxes Earlier Than Previously Thought
08/30/11: Top Bulgarian Archaeologist Presents Finds for 7000-Year-Old Temple of Dionysus
08/30/11: Video: UK's Oldiest Cave Discovered in Gower
08/28/11: Cracked: 6 Things You Won't Believe Animals Do Just Like Us
08/26/11: 'King's Not' Near Sterling Castle May Be the Real Round Table
08/24/11: Saudi Arabia Discovers 9,000-Year-Old Civilization
08/24/11: Cracked: The 5 Creepiest Ways Animals Have Mastered Mind Control
08/23/11: Queen Hatshepsut's Skin Moisterizer May Have Killed Her
08/23/11: Genetic Study Suggests British From 5,000 to 10,000-Year-Old Migrants Who Spread With Agriculture
08/18/11: 1,900-Year-Old Statue of Hercules Found In Bath House in Jezreel, Israel

08/18/11: Cracked: The 6 Most Badass Families of All-Time
08/16/11: Damascus Gate in Jerusalem Regains Its Crown (Picture)
08/16/11: Cracked: 5 Mind-Blowing Scientific Answers to Life's 'Big Questions'
08/15/11: Cracked: 15 Animals You Won’t Believe Aren't Photoshopped
08/11/11: 3,000-Year-Old Bog Body is Likely to Be Sacrificed Irish King
08/11/11: Cracked: 6 Weird Fashions From History (With Weirder Explanations)
08/10/11: Department of Defense Releases Report on Memoir Claiming Wahhabis Originated From British-Inspired Jews
08/10/11: Marco Polo 'Never Went to China and Picked Up Tales of the Orient From Other Travellers'
08/09/11: Archaeologists Find 2,000-Year-Old Menorah Stone and Roman Sword in Jerusalem Drainage System

08/09/11: Archaeologists Uncover 3,000-Year-Old Lion Adorning Citadel Gate Complex in Turkey
08/08/11: 12,000-Year-Old Tunnel Networks Weaving From Scotland to Turkey

08/08/11: Why Giant Bugs Once Roamed the Earth
08/08/11: Roman Dead Baby 'Brothel' Mystery Deepens
08/07/11: The Syrian Double Dot Was The First Question Mark
08/04/11: 5,200-Year-Old Image is the Earliest of an Egyptian King Wearing the White Crown Found
08/03/11: Archaeologists Use a Hacked Kinect To Create 3-D Scans of Dig Sites
08/02/11: Saving Afghanistan's Archaeological Treasures
08/01/11: Scottish Experts Discover Egyptian Old Kingdom Was Destroyed By Drought
08/01/11: A Comparison of the P Source With Mesopotamian Ritual Texts
08/01/11: Rome's Pantheon May Have Been Built as a Massive Sundial
07/29/11: Dead Sea Scroll Tract Was Precursor to Jewish Calendar
07/26/11: Public Asked to Help Decode Papyri to Find Fragments of Lost Gospels
07/23/11: Carthage Equated Hercules With the Punic God Melqart
07/22/11: Shabbat Boundary Rock With Hebrew Etching Discovered in Lower Galilee
07/21/11: Cracked: 7 Real Insect Superpowers That Put Spidey Sense to Shame
07/21/11: Archaeologists Discover Rare Gold Bell in Jerusalem National Park
07/16/11: Cracked: The 5 Weirdest Things That Control the Global Economy
07/14/11: Steven Weitzman's New Book on Solomon is a Meditation on the "Lust to Know"
07/11/11: Top Archaeologists Slam Culture Minister's Appointments as Political
07/11/11: Cracked: 6 Lies About the Human Body You Learned in Kindergarten
07/07/11: New Musical Has Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married
07/06/11: Cracked: 7 'Ancient' Forms of Mysticism That Are Recent Inventions
07/05/11: 2,000-Year-Old Burial Box Could Hold Remains of the High Priest Who Questioned Jesus in the Gospel of John (+ Linguistic Commentary)

07/04/11: Cracked: The 6 Most Amazing Military Raids of All-Time
07/02/11: Samaritans in West Bank Practice Astrology From Ancient Books
07/01/11: Ancient James Ossuary and Jehoash Tablet Inscriptions May Be Authentic After All

06/24/11: Nonprofit Organization Blasts Eilat Mazar for 'Political' Identification of "Solomon's Silman Wall"

06/21/11: Largest-Ever Haul of Iron Age Gold Coins Found in Britain Go on Display
06/20/11: Relics From ancient Ur Endangered by Climate Change
06/19/11: 'Uncommon' Inscription on Jewish Coffin: 'Good Luck on Your Resurrection.'
06/17/11: Cracked: 5 Forgotten Revolutions That Created The Modern World
06/16/11: Breeding With Neanderthals Helped Humans Gain New Immunities
06/08/11: Archaeologists Reconstruct Giant Stela of Amenhotep III's Fallen Temple

06/08/11: Microbial Growth in King Tut's Tomb Suggests Burial Was a Rush Job
06/07/11: 100,000-450,000-Year-Old Mammoth Bone Axe Found in Scotland
06/07/11: Cracked: The 6 Most WTF Moments From Shakespeare Plays
06/06/11: Assyrian Dictionary Finished After 90 Years
06/06/11: Cracked: 6 'Wuss' Behaviors That Were Once Badass Survival Instincts?
06/04/11: 7,000-Years-Old Prototype of European Towns Found in Bulgaria
06/04/11: Cracked: 6 Uneducated Amateurs Whose Genius Changed the World
06/03/11: 7 Mind-Blowing Vehicles Built and Driven by Animals
06/02/11: New Excavations in Underground City Beneath Jerusalem

06/01/11: Ancient South African Women Moved Far From Home When Married
05/31/11: Surveys Show 'Solomon's Mines' in Edom Date Back 2,900 Years

05/31/11: Little Ice Age Played Role in Viking's Disappearance From Greenland
05/26/11: Pyramid-Exploring Robot Discovers Hieroglyphs Behind a Mysterious Door in Great Pyramid of Giza
05/26/11: Cracked: The 7 Most Terrifyingly Huge Things in the History of Nature
05/26/11: Cracked: The 6 Craziest Sieges in History
05/25/11: Sir Leonard Wolley's Discovery of the 2,500-Year-Old Museum Built By a Chaldean Princess

05/24/11: Genetic Study Reveals Shared Ancestries Between Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Sub-Saharan Africans
05/24/11: 17 Lost Pyramids Identified in New Satellite Survey of Egypt
05/24/11: Cracked: 6 Civil War Myths Everyone Believes (That Are Total B.S.)
05/19/11: Does Standing Up to Fight Explain Why We Walk Upright and Why Women Like Tall Men?
05/18/11: Bart Ehrman: Half of Paul's Letters are Forgeries
05/17/11: Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Sanctuary of Greek Goddess Demeter
05/15/11: Stephen Hawking: 'There is No Heaven; It's a Fairy Story'
05/14/11: Circular Earthen Mound Near Stirling Castle May Hold Key to King Arthur's Round Table
05/14/11: Clovis-Killing Comet Theory Comes Crashing to Earth
05/13/11: Mysterious Ancient Rock Carvings Found Near Nile
05/13/11: On Prehistoric Supercontinent of Pangaea, Latitude and Rain Dictated Where Species Lived
05/13/11: Friday 13th Superstitions Rooted in 12 Being a 'Complete' Number
05/12/11: 33,000-Year-Old Toolkit Suggests Russia's Ural Mountains is Neandertals' Last Refuge
05/11/11: Coptic Christian Art Used Grapes Echoing Roman God Bacchus And Portrayed Mary and Jesus as Isis and Horus

5/11/11: Pottery Fragments Only Date Glastonbury Abbey Back to the Dark Ages
05/09/11: DNA Research Suggests North America Was Populated By Only 70 People or Less 14,000 Years Ago
05/05/11: Infanticide Common in Roman Empire
05/04/11: Heidelberg Man Turns Out to Be Common Ancestor to Humans and Neandertals
05/01/11: Scottish Walls Date Back to 700 B.C.
04/30/11: New Evidence Suggests Ancient Sodom May Have Been Northeast of Dead Sea
04/26/11: Israel Finkelstein: "David's Palace" and "Walls of Solomon" Can Not Be Dated to 10th Century

04/22/11: Trying to Resolve the Easter Chronology Conundrum
04/21/11: Where Phantom Bible Verses Come From
04/18/11: New Theory Suggests Different Date for Easter
04/15/11: Virtual Reconstruction of Nero's Palace Available Online
04/15/11: Forensic Anthropologists Determine 1,800-Year-Old Martyred Remains From Italy May Be Married Saints

04/12/11:'Naked Archaeologist' Claims Discovery of Nails From Jesus' Cross
(+ His Response to Critics in PDF)

04/12/11: Priceless King Tut Treasures Returned
04/11/11: Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of a Minoan Presence Among Ancient Canaanites
04/11/11: Cracked: 7 Memes That Went Viral Before The Internet Existed
04/11/11: The 16 Greatest Cities in Human History
04/11/11: Early Christian Lead Codices Now Called Fakes
04/06/11: 360 Gigapixel Images of the Ancient World
04/05/11: Cracked: 6 Mistranslations That Changed The World
04/01/11: Ancient Greek Computer Had Surprising Sun Tracker
04/01/11: What is Beneath the Temple Mount?
03/31/11: Prehistoric Fossil May Have Inspired Beasts From Greek Mythology
03/30/11: Oldest Evidence of Writing in Europe Found in Greece
03/28/11: Cracked: 5 Important People Who Were Screwed Out of History Books
03/25/11: Archaeologists Discover 1.5 Million-Year-Old Tools in India
03/22/11: Study Says Religion May Become Extinct in Nine Nations
03/22/11: Imaging Scans Show King Tut's Grandmother Had a Face Wart
03/19/11: Atheist Theologian Argues God's Wife Asherah Was Edited Out of the Bible (+ Pictures)

03/15/11: Study Hints Legendary Saints Who Were Buried Alive Were Real
03/11/11: Archaeologists Find Pre-Roman Highway in Britain
03/11/11: Excavations at Banks Chambered Tomb, South Ronaldsay, Orkney
02/27/11: John Dominic Crossan's 'Blasphemous' Portrait of Jesus
02/23/11: Plans to Revisit Site of 17 Roman Altars Along Hadrian's Wall
02/23/11: James Tabor: Pope Pius XII Admitted 'Shimon bar Jonah' Oussuary From Jerusalem Proved Peter's Tomb is in Jerusalem
02/22/11: Bluestones of Stonehenge Definitely Came From Wales, But How?
02/17/11: Priceless Akhenaten Statue Found Near Garbage Bin of Museum It Was Stolen From
02/15/11: Google Earth Reveals Thousands of Tombs in Saudi Desert
02/13/11: Archaeologist Says Arabian Gulf Was Cradle of Civilization
02/11/11: 10,000-Year-Old Stone Carvings Found in Austrailia
02/04/11: James Tabor: The Origin of the Idea That the Alleged Name of Jesus' Father, "Panthera," Is Not A Real Name
02/03/11: Israeli Archaeologists Find 1,500-Year-Old Byzantine Church Southwest of Jerusalem
01/28/11: Canadian Invention Separates Virus DNA From Human DNA
01/26/11: Centuries-Old Cave Reveals Secrets of 100,000-to-200,000-Year-Old Humans
01/25/11: Israel Uncovers 2,000-Year-Old Channel Near Temple Mount
01/25/11: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Pilgrim Road Through Jerusalem's Old City
01/19/11: Genetics Study Suggests Grapes Were Domesticated 8,000 Years Ago
01/19/11: Cracked: The 6 Strangest Ways Anyone Was Ever Mistaken for a God
01/18/11: 6,100-Year-Old Winery Found in Armenian Cave
01/17/11: Police Arrest Tomb Raider Smuggling Caligula Statue
01/14/11: 2,100-Year-Old Greek Coin May Have Marked Eclipse of Jupiter
01/10/11: Earth-Like Planet Discovered in Our Solar System
01/10/11: Study Suggests Longevity Did Not Aid Early Modern Humans
01/09/11: 3,800-Year-Old Tablets From Larsa in Sumer Tell Tale of Ancient Tycoon
01/26/11: James Tabor: Roman Soldier Seducing Mary is "Late, Legendary, and Derivative" But Jesus Faced the Stigma of Not Having a Father
01/03/11: Cretan Tools Point to 130,000-Year-Old Sea Travel
01/03/11: King Tut's Wife's Tomb May Emerge in 2011
01/03/11: Cracked: 6 Supervillains From History That Make The Joker Look Subtle
01/03/11: Ancient Soothsayers Dealt Less With Predictions Than Explaining if Decisions Were Correct
01/01/11: German Archaeologist Deciphers Roman Amiptheater's Underground Labyrinth
01/01/11: In Search of Herod's Tomb
01/01/11: Herod the Terrible or Herod the Great?