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The Ancient of Days
The Ancient of Days


Internet Sacred Text Archive
Bible Lexicon Word Search
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Early Christian Writings
The Forgotten Books of Eden
Literature for Bible Study
Methodist Church Online: Noncanonical Books
Wesley Center Online: Noncanonical Books
The Lost Book of Jasher
The Aramaic Version of Matthew
The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus
The Hebrew World English Bible
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Probert's Encyclopeida of Mythology
Piney Ancient Babylonian Index
Ethics of Civilization Chronological Index
Chris Siren's Myths and Legends
Mythical Monsters
Who's Who in Ancient Egypt

Article Collections

The Brick Testament
The God Squad
Friesian School's Philosophy of Religion
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
A Witness to Yahweh
Anthropolgy and the Bible
Bible Origins
The Religion of Evolution
The Evolution of Religion

Bibleman Combat Manual
Scientific Refutation of the Bible Codes
Mathmaticians' Statement on the Bible Codes
The Bible "Codes"- A Textual Perspective
Reponses to Michael Drosnin's "The Bible Code"

The Ancient World

Venus of Willendorf Venus Figurines from the Stone Age
Ancient Near East Warfare Gallery
Witcombe Prehistoric Art
Earth's Ancient History

Ancient Iraq

Sumerian Computer Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
Did Sargon Exist? (Gen. 10:8-12)
The Enheduana Research Pages
The Code of Hammurabi
Abraham Rescues Lot From Hammurabi (Gen. 14)

Babylon Gateways to Babylon
Enuma Elish (Isa. 27)
Myth of Adapa
Epic of Gilgamesh: Utnapishtim's Ark (Gen. 6)
Canaanite Writing System
Adapa's Treatise on Sumerian Religion
The Assyro/Babylonian Mythology FAQ
Phoenician Religion

Ancient Egypt

Akhenaten's Family Religion of Ancient Egypt
The Book of the Dead
A Tale of Two Brothers (Gen. 39)
Instructions of Amenemope
Pharaoh Akhenaten
Hymn to Aten


Satan Smiting Job Early Jewish Writings
The Electronic Tanakh
The Other Ten Commandments
Cyrus the Messiah
She'ol and Hades
The Current State of Biblical Studies
Jewish Response to the Virgin Birth Prophecy
History of the Shepherd's Crook-Staff
Judaism and National Revelation
Judaism and Islam
Raiders of the Cursed Ark
Slaughter of Schechem
David and Jewish Lineage


Early Christian Writings
Philo, the Cynics, the Stoics, and the Essenes
Christ and the Cynics
The Holy Order of O.N.E.
Quest for the Holy Grail
The Jesus Mysteries
The Jesus Puzzle: A Conspiracy of Silence
The Ebionites: "Early Christian sects infected with Judaistic errors"
Jesus and Judaism
The Gospel of Q
A Case Against the Q Gospel
The Christian Resource Institute
Unoriginal Miracle Claims of the New Testament
The Bacchae
The Jesus Myth
The Secret Gospel of Mark
Pope Joan Timeline
History of the Scottish Church
The Jewish Revolt
Jesus and Jewish Resistance
Mithras and Christianity
Endtime Prophecies of Early Christians

Islam: Arabic Language
The Electronic Qur'an (Koran)
Life of the Prophet Muhammed
Quotes From and About Islam
Words from the Koran About Jews, Christians and Israel
Allah: Divine or Demonic?
The Sacrifice of Abraham
Abraham and Child Sacrifice- Isaac or Ishma'el?
What is the Koran?

Ziggurat at Aqar Quf

The Modern World

The Urizen Books of William Blake
Martin Luther "On the Jews"
Excerpts from Luther's book
Thomas Jefferson on Christianity and Religion
The Jefferson Bible
Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much?
Sigmund Freud on Moses
Albert Einstein on Religion

Biblical Archaeology

Moabite Stone of King Mesha Found at Dibon, Jordan (1868)
Gnostic Nag Hammadi Scrolls Discovered in Upper Egypt (1945)
Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered Near Qumran (1947)
The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship (1947)
Tel Dan Inscription Mentioning The House of David Discovered (1993)